Friday, September 11, 2009

I never knew how excited I could get for a load of dirt and
some rocks. My dad had helped us to start getting this yard
into shape. We still have a ways to go but have made pretty
good progress. We just moved the blocks and rocks around
that were already in the yard. So all we spent is just for the

These two pictures were taken right before we bought it.

Then I took this one yesterday. Thanks DAD!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We got a load of dirt the other day for our front yard. Ryker saw
Jesse sraying it down and wanted to do it too. He loved it. I was freaking out
at how muddy he was getting but then just decided to let him play.

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Playin in the rain

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corn on the cob

This is raw corn I was about to cook, when Ryker saw it
and just had to try it out. He liked it better than when
it was cooked.

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He loves his shades

and Douglas the duck and lamby

They are his favorite

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Where are my shoes?

Oh there they are

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I came home to this the other night. So cute

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