Friday, February 26, 2010

I think I have a lefty

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100% boy

I love my little boy. I thought I would be sad to not have pink everything and lace and bows. But I love the cars and trucks and tractors. We eat, sleep and breathe cars around here. Here are a few examples:

The other morning, Ryker woke up a little earlier than I would have preferred. I got him settled in with his chocolate milk and a movie and I layed on the couch to sleep a little longer. Well I heard him running back and forth to his room and playing around for a while. When I opened my eyes this is what I saw

I had Jesse take a picture cuz I thought it was so funny. I was SURROUNDED by cars and books and dogs.

We have to play with EVERY SINGLE CAR every time we play "caws"
( and add a few tractors and random farm animals)

Oh, and it never hurts to throw in an alligator

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We have been doing lots of projects around the house.
Ryker is always willing to help.
Here are some of his latest projects:
*Painting on walls that I just finished painting, and the old microwave that was sitting close by
*Digging seeds out of the garden that I just planted
*Trying out the drawer in the new stove (we are officially installing the anti-tip bracket now)
*Getting stuck in cupboards....and the list goes on
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

pinewood derby

I was in charge of treats for the Pinewood Derby this year in our ward. My mom found this cute idea. I thought it was so fun and the boys loved it.


Congratulations Jesse!! He just finished his Bachelors in Aviation Business Management. I am so so PROUD of him! Thank you Jesse for working so hard for our family. I really appreciate it! We love you!!


He loves to talk on the phone.
Whenever he can get his hands on one.
And no, his toy cell phone will not do.
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Going to bed is quit the interesting thing these days.
Ryker always has to take a bunch of things with him.
The blanket and cars(pronounced "cause")pillow go without saying.
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Ryker is feeding Lightening McQueen some of his chicken nuggets
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